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Trehalose 100%, disaccharide derived from tapioca starch.

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Trehalose 100%, disaccharide derived from tapioca starch.

Properties: Delays starch retrogradation. Lots of water retention capacity. High glass transition temperature. Delays protein denaturation. Resistance to freezing, it is cryoprotective and prevents the formation of crystals in ice cream. It enhances the flavors, prevents the oxidation of fruits and vegetables, allowing them to dry and achieving a very crunchy texture. It does not participate in Maillard reactions. Stable to heat and acid. Repels moisture in dry preparations such as candies, caramelized nuts, cookies, sabers and dry meringues. Delays drying and increases the volume of batters such as biscuits, mochi, sushi, etc. It acts as a stabilizer in whipped creams, mousse and meringues. Avoids syneresis due to the penetration of sugar in jellies and pâte á fruit. Allows you to make crunchy candies from 120ºC. At a maximum of 2% it helps to increase the volume and crunchiness in puff pastries.
How to use: Use between 10 to 30% as a substitute for common sugar. In some preparations such as dry meringues, up to 100% of the sugar content can be replaced.
Application: Any preparation with watery content, also with high proportions of fat.
Observations: POD 45%, PAC 100%
Elaborations: Cooking and pastry preparations in general.

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